Madeleine Hahne

Madeleine Hahne

  • Scholar
  • United States
  • 2020 PhD Geography
  • Pembroke College

As a young child in Los Angeles, I spent every moment I could in nature. I became a wildlife rehabilitator, tall ship sailor, and Forest Service biological technician. My lifelong religious devotion later led me to study and practice in Jerusalem and the Balkans, two places where faith has a powerful impact on daily life. After my Brigham Young University undergraduate in International Relations and Philosophy, I completed a Cambridge Masters in Muslim-Jewish relations. I then worked in Lebanon and Iraq where I saw the devastating consequences of environmental neglect first hand and realized I could channel my passion for religion and nature toward doing good. During my PhD, I will study the complex dynamic between religion and the environment, particularly how religious action or inaction can change environmental outcomes. Using my own faith background as a starting point, I will seek to understand how theological narratives around ecology are formed, and how they can transform behavior. I hope to advance the cause of unity and peace throughout my career, and am honored to join a community devoted to serving others and creating a healthier world for us all.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge Muslim Jewish Relations 2017
Brigham Young University Utah International Relations 2014