Sarah Hirschfield

Sarah Hirschfield

  • Alumni
  • United States
  • 2020 MPhil Philosophy
  • Trinity College

I grew up in NYC and completed my undergraduate studies in philosophy at Princeton University. As an editor for the Daily Princetonian, I covered the #MeToo movement as stories unfolded on campus. Through my reporting, research, and friendships, I realized the #MeToo problem was widely shared. Motivated to close what scholars call a “justice gap” between the rates of rape victimization and conviction, I wrote my undergraduate thesis on the nature of consent, the appropriateness of blame and punishment, and the requirements of justice in cases of rape. My ambition is to help change the way we think about and respond to interpersonal wrongdoing to ensure that everyone’s right to bodily autonomy is respected. During my MPhil, I plan to study topics in ethics, philosophy of law, and feminist philosophy, and to continue my learning in meta-ethics, value theory, and social philosophy. In my free time, I enjoy freestyle rapping, powerlifting, and filmmaking. I am grateful to be joining the ranks of Gates Cambridge scholars.

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Princeton University Philosophy 2020