Shubhayu Bhattacharyay

Shubhayu Bhattacharyay

  • Alumni
  • United States, India
  • 2020 PhD Clinical Neurosciences
  • Queens' College

I was born in Kolkata, India, and spent my early childhood in Thailand and Vietnam before settling in Los Angeles. Excited by neurotechnology, I pursued a BS in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics & Statistics at Johns Hopkins University with a joint focus in computational neuroscience. My goal is to derive life-saving insight from the vast data collected in the treatment of severe brain injury. During my PhD, I aim to develop pattern recognition algorithms that prioritise traumatic brain injury patient information, deliver precise prognoses and visualise interpretable features to inform real-time decision making. Upon integration into bedside monitors of the neurosciences critical care unit, this system would enable the development of evidence-supported treatment plans catered to each patient's needs. In turn, I hope this work leads to improved clinical outcomes, greater autonomy for brain injury patient families and improved access to neurocritical care in remote areas. I am very excited to join the Gates Cambridge community! The lifelong friendships I will build with future leaders across disciplinary and political boundaries will enhance the global impact of my work while enriching my world view.

Previous Education

Johns Hopkins University 1. Biomed Eng 2. Applied Math 2020