Erta Beqiri

Erta Beqiri

  • Scholar
  • Italy, Albania
  • 2020 PhD Clinical Neurosciences
  • Churchill College

Having graduated from the medical school in Padua I just specialized in anaesthesia and intensive care residency at the University of Milan. I see research to be an integral part of my development as a clinician. For this reason I undertook a research placement at the Brain Physics Lab at Cambridge University, where I assumed duties as a local coordinator of the COGiTATE clinical trial. I got involved in several analytical projects on cerebral blood flow autoregulation (CA) monitoring and intracranial pressure waveform analysis for which I have been awarded with a scholarship by CENTER-TBI. A need for personalized medicine is increasingly acknowledged. In particular, individualized management of traumatic brain injury (TBI) based on continuous monitoring of CA has attracted a lot of attention in the neuro-critical care community. My PhD project will aim to improve measurement, understanding and visualisation of the dynamic profile of CA at the bedside, integrated with assessment of its determinants, ultimately facilitating better informed recommendations for individualised management of TBI potentially leading to improvement of outcome in this group of patients.

Previous Education

Universita Degli Studi di Milano Anestesia e rianimazione 2020
University of Padova Medicina e Chirurgia 2013