Julia Jakob

Julia Jakob

  • Scholar
  • Austria
  • 2020 PhD Education
  • Emmanuel College

I grew up in Austria, where the formal educational attainment of an individual strongly depends on their parents' education and profession. Education at all levels is not as accessible as it could and should be, and this is most harmful to the most marginalized members of our society. As a German as a second language teacher working with refugees, I have come to understand that accessibility barriers can take many forms, and that what are seemingly traits of individual learners (such as motivation) should be re-examined and understood as systemic accessibility issues.My PhD project will combine gender studies with educational research and social work practice to better understand male refugees' conceptualizations of their plural identities and their language learning motivation. I hope that my findings will contribute to making second language education more accessible and inclusive, and I am honored to be able to carry out this research as a member of the Gates Cambridge community.

Previous Education

Universitat Wien Translation and Interpreting 2020
University of Cambridge Second Language Education 2018
Universitat Wien Transcultural Communication 2017