Meir Barth

Meir Barth

  • Scholar
  • United States
  • 2020 PhD Sociology
  • Clare Hall

How do we leverage the widest possible array of human ability to confront the challenges we face as a species? Through the lens of my self-identify as a neuro- and physio- divergent individual, I am driven to seek deeper understandings of the very nature of human ability--how it can be fostered, and how it is stifled. As an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts, I constructed an individualized program around the study of ability, continuing this interdisciplinary work with a Cambridge MPhil. For 12 years I have been part of a participatory-action research team at Boston University that designed and implemented programs to teach self-advocacy skills to youth with "disabilities." Informed by these experiences, I have become a dis/diff-ability activist and speaker, and I am currently a writing book called, "The Theory of Everyone." My PhD research will explore innovative methodologies to identify and leverage diverse human abilities - informed, I hope, by insights from this extraordinary circle that I am honored to join. Ultimately, I seek to become an academic activist and agent of change in the structures and organisations that impact the development of all human potential.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge Health Medicine and Society 2020
University of Massachusetts at Amherst Social Phil. Comm. Theory 2018
Harvard Extension School Advanced Soc. Science Research 2018