Ntombizodwa Makuyana

Ntombizodwa Makuyana

  • Scholar
  • Zimbabwe
  • 2020 PhD Biological Science at the Babraham Institute
  • Lucy Cavendish College

Growing up in Zimbabwe, I have watched people succumb to diseases that could be cured if curative and preventive health services were provided. Zimbabwe suffers from poor healthcare infrastructure and a lack of advanced research which are hindrances to fighting diseases. This grim reality, complex and imperative to mend, birthed my interest to be involved in the improvement of others' health through research. Notably, at Biodesign Institute, l investigated HPV specific immune responses identifying asymptotic stages of cervical cancer and at Novartis, the use of biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease. Both experiences helped me develop an appreciation of the immune system and how it can be harnessed to control and detect diseases. Hence, during my Ph.D., I intend to further explore the immune processes and their functions working with Dr. Adrian Liston, whose research is focused on manipulating the immune system to cure brain injuries. Immune responses are the core to any development of drug therapies, vaccines or healing of diseases. Thus, I hope to apply the skills and expertise I will acquire through my experience as a Ph.D. student at Cambridge to the betterment of the healthcare standards of Zimbabwe.

Previous Education

Arizona State University Medicinal Chemistry 2019