Fang Liu

Fang Liu

  • Scholar
  • China
  • 2020 PhD Social Anthropology
  • Newnham College

My proposed topic, moral dilemmas of contemporary Chinese liberal intellectuals, arises from my long-standing interest. I completed a BA in Journalism in the highest rated institution for journalism in China, Renmin University, and received my Distinction MA in Sociocultural Anthropology at Durham University, UK. Between the two degrees, I have worked as a journalist and editor in Chinese top media organisations for over 11 years. These experiences have granted me first-hand observations, an extensive network analytic skills and narrative approaches. I have written numerous articles concerning the roles and dilemmas of liberal intellectuals, 20 of which were published into my first book, Triste Common Sense (2013). I reckon many ethical paradoxes in everyday life of Chinese liberal intellectuals are largely unheard and untold. By verbalising, representing and analysing their experiences, this project will help us to gain more reflection and recognition on their roles and responsibilities in this era. It will also benefit broader Chinese citizens to get better understandings of the reality of Chinese society, and to take references or inspirations from these intellectuals' choices and struggles.

Previous Education

Durham University Sociocultural Anthropology 2019
Renmin University Journalism 2007