Yinuo Han

Yinuo Han

  • Scholar
  • Australia
  • 2020 PhD Astronomy
  • Trinity College

Gazing at the night sky, it is difficult not to wonder what worlds might exist around each star and whether they might even host life. Over the past two decades, exoplanetary science has revealed to us the great diversity of planets outside the solar system, presenting the possibility of understanding their evolution, habitability and presence of biosignatures. A crucial piece in the puzzle of characterising full planetary systems requires the study of debris disks, which provide crucial constraints on the architecture and history of the system. My research uses high-resolution imaging and dynamical modelling to understand how planets and debris disks interact, what the structures of debris disks tell us about the architecture of planetary systems and their implications on theories of planetary formation and evolution. I completed my undergraduate degree with majors in Physics and Neuroscience at the University of Sydney, which provided valuable opportunities for me to explore and pursue my interests. I am excited to be part of the Gates Cambridge community and to commence research at the Institute of Astronomy.

Previous Education

University of Sydney Physics 2019