Darius Kosm├╝tzky

Darius Kosm├╝tzky

  • Scholar
  • Germany
  • 2020 PhD Biochemistry
  • Corpus Christi College

How is it possible that just a large number of molecules and the interaction between them facilitates something as complicated as me writing this question? Or in the big picture: life in general?
My fascination with this thought has always aroused a great curiosity about molecular sciences in me. In order to tackle this question in a more directed way, I studied biochemistry in Bielefeld, Germany. I am grateful to have received a good basis for molecular life sciences research during my undergraduate degree there.
In order to find out more about photosynthesis, the chemical reaction that enables life on this planet, I went to Cambridge for a Master in Biological Sciences. Throughout this research project I have been investigating the function of an enigmatic protein, that seems to be involved in high light stress resilience in plants and algae. During my PhD I aim to fully uncover the processes this protein is involved in. Additionally, with the support of the Gates-Cambridge foundation, I want to use this fundamental biochemical insight to provide a platform for the engineering of sustainable energy production devices and stress-resistant crops.

Previous Education

Universitat Bielefeld Biochemie 2018