Ri Yang Benjamin Tan

Ri Yang Benjamin Tan

  • Scholar
  • Singapore
  • 2020 PhD Politics and International Studies
  • Trinity College

My PhD research investigates how the idea of racial difference was contested and re-articulated by British liberals in beginning of the twentieth century. In the period of British history I examine, terms such as 'racial supremacy' and 'racial injustice' emerged in elite liberal discourse for the first time. I seek to understand the origin and meaning of such concepts, and why liberals disputed fought over the meaning of race. With the generous support of the Gates Cambridge Foundation, I hope to bring these findings to bear on questions of contemporary political theory and practice around 'race' – a ubiquitous but contentious concept.

I am primarily a historian of political thought, with broader research interests in the history of imperial thought, the politics of social science, and race in political theory. Prior to research at Cambridge, I read History and Politics at Oxford and worked in Singapore.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge Intellectual History 2020
University of Oxford History and Politics 2019