Meena Venkataramanan

Meena Venkataramanan

  • Scholar
  • United States, United Kingdom
  • 2021 MPhil English Studies
  • Pembroke College

Growing up one hour north of the U.S.-Mexico border as a first-generation immigrant of Indian descent, I’ve always been interested in how borders are constructed and deconstructed. My identity as an Indian American born in the U.K. and living proximally to Mexico is one that has transcended boundaries, spanning manifold countries and cultures. It has driven me to found initiatives such as South Asian Americans in Public Service, a national movement to empower South Asian American students to enter careers in public service, and Stories from the Border, a journalistic platform focused on illuminating narratives of U.S. migration. Above all, my identity has inspired me to bridge borders wherever I see them—often, through storytelling as a journalist and writer. Through Cambridge’s M.Phil in English Studies: Modern and Contemporary Literature, I look forward to analyzing refugee and asylum-seeker literature across time, space, and genre.

Previous Education

Harvard University English, South Asian Studies 2021