Adaiah Hudgins-Lopez

Adaiah Hudgins-Lopez

  • Scholar-elect
  • United States
  • 2021 MPhil Social Anthropology
  • Trinity College

I was born in Detroit, Michigan and spent my teenage years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During my studies in Anthropology and English at Bowdoin College, I explored how humans express differences in their lived experiences to each other. I was a recipient of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, where I studied how storytelling can facilitate communication across differences in the context of school district community engagement. My professional experiences after Bowdoin solidified and honed my commitment to serving people while introducing me to the intersections of law, community engagement, and the American immigration system. This MPhil in Social Anthropology allows me to continue learning about the relationship between legal systems and immigrant communities in anthropological research. I plan to continue researching immigration law, legal consciousness, and how undocumented immigrants form collective identity in order to elevate immigrant voices and to promote the autonomy of immigrant communities. I am honored to join the Gates Cambridge community, where we all strive to learn how to serve people better.

Previous Education

Bowdoin College Anthropology, English 2018