David Jun Lee

David Jun Lee

  • Scholar
  • United States
  • 2021 PhD Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Darwin College

Two terms represent my path to date: "Northeast Asia" and "public service." This includes my personal background & values, area of expertise, and commitment to foreign languages (Korean/Japanese/Chinese/Russian).

I pursued work & studies simultaneously before beginning PhD with an early start in the US government; thus, I was fortunate to accumulate years of both professional and academic experience related to Northeast Asia and national security.

My research focuses on security, foreign policy, and other issues concerning Northeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific, with a particular focus on South Korea and Japan as the two key U.S. East Asian allies facing the dynamic of US-China strategic competition. After finishing my PhD, I plan to return to public service and work on Northeast Asian policy.

My featured Gates interview with the Trust can be found here: