Maria Alegria Gutierrez Guillen

Maria Alegria Gutierrez Guillen

  • Scholar
  • Spain
  • 2021 PhD Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics
  • King's College

I lived in Madrid until age 17 when I moved to study Mathematics at Cambridge, Christ’s College. In my undergraduate, I developed an interest in the applications of mathematics and I took up summer research projects in mathematical biology (population dynamics) and cosmology. In Part III, my integrated master, I am specialising in theoretical physics and applied mathematics. My Part III essay, supervised by Dr Adhikari, explores potential uses of the renormalization group in epidemiology, to better understand the multiple length and time scales of epidemic processes. During my PhD with Prof Julia Gog, I will formulate mathematical models for the spread of infectious diseases, with emphasis on the COVID-19 pandemic, which I hope will be useful in future pandemics. As an applied mathematician and aspiring mathematical biologist, my goal is an academic career focused on mathematical epidemiology, with the aim of contributing to global health and biosecurity by researching the most threatening diseases. I am also interested in improving the gender gap in STEM academia and making science work more effectively. I am honoured to join the Gates Cambridge community which I am sure will be a great part of my next stage at Cambridge.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge Mathematics 2021