Barbara Neto-Bradley

Barbara Neto-Bradley

  • Scholar
  • Portugal, Canada
  • 2021 PhD Plant Sciences
  • St Catharine's College

I grew up in Portugal, before moving to Vancouver, Canada for university. At the University of British Columbia I discovered a love of plants. I was drawn into research thanks to a work-learn position at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s Herbarium, followed by a MSc in Botany. It was here that I learned how to time travel. For shallow timescales, I used natural history specimens to learn about plant responses to climate change. On deeper timescales, I studied the macroevolutionary patterns of plant photosynthesis. In tandem, I served on the board of a student-run food co-operative where I learned about and contributed to a collaborative effort to reduce on-campus food insecurity by facilitating access to nutritious and sustainably grown foods. These experiences have highlighted for me, the interconnectedness of topics surrounding plant ecology, evolution and conservation with food and agriculture. During my PhD I hope to delve into understanding tropical oak species from an interdisciplinary perspective that draws on all of these aspects.

Previous Education

University of British Columbia Botany 2020
University of British Columbia Biology 2018