Mayumi Sato

Mayumi Sato

  • Scholar
  • Canada, Japan
  • 2021 PhD Sociology
  • Trinity Hall

Growing up in Asia and North America, I straddled two worlds, often to find myself an outlier in both. From a young age, I used my personal story as an opportunity to make sense of the world, and to unpack my lived experiences to understand racial, class, and gendered oppression. Professionally, I have worked with and learned from diverse communities and epistemologies - from Shan refugees in the Thai Highlands, to smallholders affected by deforestation in Laos, to Indigenous land defenders in Canada. Academically, I focused on the spatialities of anti-racism and transnational prison justice movements. In my PhD, my research focuses on cross-border environmental, racial, gender, and class inequities within the prison industry. By positioning prisons as products of settler-colonialism, I examine carceral oppression as not only 'a US problem' but a global issue fueled by neoliberalism, climate change, globalization, and racial hegemony. Through Gates Cambridge, I will study how decarceration can serve as the entry point to reconcile local and global injustices. Ultimately, I aim to join other scholars who wield their research to inspire a society - beyond ephemeral hashtags and performative allyship – towards dignity and justice.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge Sociology 2020
McGill University Honours Geography 2017