Ila Ananya

Ila Ananya

  • Scholar-elect
  • India
  • 2021 MPhil Social Anthropology
  • Fitzwilliam College

After my MA in Gender Studies at SOAS, University of London, I felt the need to rethink how a movement between fiction, life writing, journalism, and research - writing forms that I was most interested in - could change the nature of narratives I produced. This was a departure from my time as a reporter, but it led me to ethnography and storytelling; to anthropology’s emphasis on interactions that recognise differences inherent to our practices and discordant subjectivities, and the ethical and conceptual challenges of navigating these. At Cambridge, I hope to bring together this interest in storytelling and intersubjectivity with my investment in the lifeworlds of Indian youth today. I have spent the last two years teaching writing to undergraduates, and my time with them has furthered my research concerns about the ethical and political dimensions of youth ‘becoming’. Drawing on my MA dissertation on women students’ political subjectivities, I am keen to explore the empirical and conceptual possibilities of work in the anthropology of ethics and morality, to grasp the dynamic moral and affective aspects of how young people relate to each other from across social subjectivities and caste locations, and the futures they aspire to.

Previous Education

School of Oriental & African Studies (University o Gender Studies 2018
St Joseph's College, BU English,Journalism,Psychology 2016