João Kelmer

João Kelmer

  • Scholar
  • Brazil
  • 2021 PhD Social Anthropology
  • King's College

Among all of the Social Sciences, Social Anthropology has certain unique characteristics that captivated me as an undergraduate student at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in Brazil. Instead of defining the human condition in advance of its enquiry, the discipline defies any static conception or model of social life. It does so by investigating the images that different peoples construct of humanity and society. Anthropological knowledge is thus inseparable from the countless situated knowledges it studies, which are irreducible to simple research objects. The people with whom I have decided to ally myself in this joint project are the Indigenous peoples of Lowland South America and, more specifically, the Bororo, inhabitants of the Central-Brazilian plateau. During my master's degree at the Museu Nacional (UFRJ), I investigated how kinship relations and name transmission weave the intricate socio-cosmological architecture of the Bororo. In my PhD at the University of Cambridge, I will produce an ethnographic account based on long-term fieldwork of this people's rich ritual life.

Previous Education

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Social Anthropology 2021
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Social Sciences 2019