Oluwasegun Afolaranmi

Oluwasegun Afolaranmi

  • Scholar-elect
  • Nigeria
  • 2021 PhD Medical Science at Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
  • Homerton College

The idea of harnessing the immune system to treat cancer is fascinating to me. Moreover, during my medical training in Nigeria, I was deeply moved by the experiences of cancer patients, especially with the very limited treatment options available. This combination of curiosity and compassion inspired me to pursue a career at the intersection of excellent patient care and cutting-edge cancer research. I subsequently received the Clarendon scholarship for a Masters at the University of Oxford, with my research on the innate immune cGAS-STING signaling in cancer. At Cambridge, I will join the de la Roche group to explore how hedgehog signaling is orchestrated in different subsets of gamma-delta T cells during the antitumor response. Mechanistic insights from this work, and others, will potentially enable better design of advanced cellular therapies, bringing hope to numerous patients. Ultimately, I plan to contribute significantly to efforts aimed at expanding access to transformative therapies in Africa, and alleviate the unacceptable disparities currently observed. I feel incredibly honored to join the Gates Cambridge community and look forward to an enriching experience with other young leaders from across the world.

Previous Education

University of Oxford Integrated Immunology 2021
University of Ibadan Medicine and Surgery 2019