Tathagat Bhatia

Tathagat Bhatia

  • Alumni
  • India
  • 2021 MPhil History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine
  • Churchill College

I grew up in Lucknow, India and moved to the US to attend the University of Pennsylvania, where I am majoring in history of science with a minor in Russian studies. My research interests are situated at the generative intersection of environmental history and science and technology studies, with a focus on South Asia. The question that lies at the center of my research is: what can history teach us about the environmental problems we are mired in today? But these interests are more than scholarly. As we confront a world with a fast changing climate, more and more of us realize that the environmental is also the emotional. As an MPhil student in the History and Philosophy of Science Department at Cambridge, I hope to better understand how we might bring a historical sensibility to our contemporary discussions about remediating the climate crisis. I am thrilled to work along these lines as part of a community of incredibly driven Gates Cambridge scholars who are committed to solving some of the most pressing challenges of our times.

Previous Education

University of Pennsylvania Science, Technology & Society 2021