Andrea Morales Loucil

Andrea Morales Loucil

  • Scholar-elect
  • Puerto Rico
  • 2022 PhD Latin American Studies
  • King's College

I grew up in the coastal town of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and became rapidly enamored with Puerto Rican literature and history. As I completed my Bachelor’s in History, I became particularly interested in how literature shaped and contested cultural narratives of nationality. Throughout my DPhil in Latin American Studies at Cambridge, I seek to emphasize Puerto Rico’s contributions to Caribbean and Latin American liberation movements. My research currently focuses on how Cuban and Puerto Rican revolutionaries of African descent organized towards independence throughout the nineteenth-century. With this research, I hope to expand how people conceptualize Cuban and Puerto Rican historical processes, literary movements, and national identities.

Previous Education

Miami University Literature 2022
Temple University History 2020