Alberto Borges

Alberto Borges

  • Alumni
  • Kenya
  • 2022 MPhil Conservation Leadership
  • Wolfson College

I believe in a future where youngsters are the champions of extraordinary change in conserving landscapes, wildlife, and human livelihoods. My late father would take my mother, siblings, and me on adventures in nature during my childhood years. These curiosity-filled escapades led to the incidental discovery of a camel spider unknown to science at age 17. At that moment, I realized my career would involve wildlife conservation and the promotion of sustainable human livelihoods. My passion landed me a full scholarship to Catawba College for my Environmental and Sustainability undergrad studies. I secured several National Geographic, Woodspring Trust, and St. Luke's Episcopal Foundation grants to conduct impactful conservation projects in Marsabit and Athi River, Kenya. Earning the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship will empower me to pursue the MPhil in Conservation Leadership at Cambridge. My ultimate goal is to set up a Wilderness Conservation Centre in northern Kenya. To explore, research, and conserve its unique ecosystems through context-specific community-oriented programs. It will serve as a vital springboard for youth to learn and launch sustainable ventures, thus improving human lives and the natural world.

Previous Education

Catawba College Environment and Sustainability 2021