Yaroslava Kyrychenko

Yaroslava Kyrychenko

  • Scholar
  • Ukraine
  • 2022 PhD Psychology
  • King's College

Growing up in Kyiv during the Maidan Revolution, I was fascinated by the power modern technology has in shaping politics and democracy. As a mathematics and psychology student at New York University, I used natural language processing and other data science methods to study social processes online. As a PhD student in psychology, I will continue using data science tools to investigate polarization, misinformation, and social identity on social media. I hope to help make social media more politically productive and contribute to our knowledge of how identities develop. Throughout my research career, I want to bring psychologists and data scientists closer together to give both the tools to create a more fair society enabled by modern technology. I hope to use my skills and experience to help rebuild Ukraine.

Previous Education

New York University Mathematics and Psychology 2022