Nimrod Hertz

Nimrod Hertz

  • Scholar
  • Israel
  • 2022 PhD Medical Science @ MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
  • Wolfson College

I am a mental health researcher aiming to outline evidence-based practical conclusions for clinicians. I am interested in prevalent psychopathologies (PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders), striving to understand their transdiagnostic mechanisms and promote effective and tailored interventions. I hold a BSc in psychology, biology, and neuroscience, and MA in clinical psychology, all from Tel-Aviv University. In recent years, I combined research and clinical practice in Israel’s public health services, to attain a holistic perspective on psychopathology. At Cambridge’s MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, I will investigate the cognitive processes that underlie formulation-based interventions for PTSD, emphasizing the dynamics of negative appraisals and trauma memory. To that end, I plan to bring a personalized approach to my research, assimilating the notion of ‘precision medicine’ into evidence-based psychotherapy. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Gates Cambridge community and study alongside inspiring peers and mentors.

Previous Education

Tel Aviv University Clinical psychology 2022
Tel Aviv University Psychology with neuroscience 2019
Tel Aviv University Biology with neuroscience 2019