Damien Slinger

Damien Slinger

  • Alumni
  • Australia
  • 2022 MPhil Energy Technologies
  • Peterhouse

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of pulling apart my toys, understanding how they worked and trying to put them back together before anyone else realised. I believe this same curiosity (and ambition) led me to study engineering and has continued to open many doors that I would have otherwise never considered. Towards the end of my undergraduate degree, I was fortunate to travel abroad and study wind turbines with Siemens and Vestas (two of the world’s largest manufacturers). Over the following years, I have chosen to learn more about the interaction between the power sector and the environment. I have started to build my career forecasting the development of electricity markets with the express aim of tangibly contributing to their rapid decarbonisation. The Masters that I have now applied to study will further my understanding of the technologies that will govern this future and the targets needed to mitigate existential climate change.

Previous Education

Queensland University of Technology Mechanical Engineering 2017