Ana Villaveces Galofre

Ana Villaveces Galofre

  • Scholar
  • Colombia, Spain
  • 2022 PhD Latin American Studies
  • King's College

I was born in Colombia in 1995. By then, armed conflict in the country was well underway and I was lucky enough to merely be caught up in the margins. Later, studying literature at Los Andes University I became deeply involved in both the history and the literary culture of my country, felt the need to look directly at the wounds scattered in our history. And so I wrote my undergraduate thesis on contemporary Colombian novels and the way in which fear is embedded into language. I chose to specialise in Latin American Horror in my MPhil at Cambridge. My commitment to my culture and Colombia’s past is tangled in my belief in the power of literature when it comes to facing pain, recognising trauma, and processing fear. Throughout my time as a PhD Candidate I plan to dig deeper into that belief. Further research into Latin American horror literature could change our understanding of historical trauma in Latin American countries and the ways in which cultures heal from horror. Perhaps looking directly at our wounds can help heal them; I hope my PhD —focused on contemporary horror novels—can attest to that.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge ELAC 2022
Universidad de Los Andes Literature 2020