Parker Blackwell

Parker Blackwell

  • Scholar
  • United States
  • 2023 MPhil Heritage Studies
  • King's College

Alongside my undergraduate study of archaeology and the ancient Mediterranean world at the George Washington University, I developed an intense interest in the complexities of cultural heritage. Heritage is an immensely powerful tool in creating feelings of belonging. Simultaneously, our heritage can also be used for exclusionary purposes: to justify violence and silence minority voices. Through the MPhil in Heritage Studies at Cambridge, I intend to further my understanding of how tangible and intangible heritage shapes identity, memory, and culture in the present. Namely, I will continue research into the root causes of continued looting, theft, and destruction of cultural heritage in West Africa. My ongoing work will foreground local voices to inform meaningful heritage management in the region.

Previous Education

George Washington University Archaeology; Classical Studies 2023