Sabrina Ghosh

Sabrina Ghosh

  • Scholar-elect
  • United States
  • 2023 PhD Pharmacology
  • St Edmund's College

The rapidly aging global population has the potential to cause unprecedented economic, political, and social issues. My goal is to develop solutions that help aging patients live healthier lives for a longer time. Motivated by my experiences working with senior patients in memory care facilities in Pennsylvania, I began researching graphene-based drug delivery systems for neurodegenerative diseases at Lehigh University. As an undergraduate student in Neuroscience at Boston University, I volunteered for nonprofit organizations advocating for health equity, while at the same time researched at the Center for Regenerative Medicine, aiming to uncover new therapeutic targets for systemic amyloid disease. At Harvard University’s Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, I used stem-cell based models to study protein aggregation in the aging brain. During my PhD at Cambridge, I will explore novel cellular pathways that restore nuclear envelope integrity and cellular homeostasis in aging-related diseases. My career plans lie at the intersection of science, medicine, and public health; my work seeks to answer crucial questions about aging and address the international need for affordable and accessible diagnostics and treatments.

Previous Education

Boston University Neuroscience 2021