Lia Kornmehl

Lia Kornmehl

  • Alumni
  • United States
  • 2023 MPhil Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion
  • Selwyn College

As an undergraduate at Bowdoin College, I have sought to understand why religion, politics, and violence so often entangle one another. My work to date, including documentary profiles of Latine immigrants in the restaurant industry and LGBTQ+ activists in the fight for same-sex marriage, has taken a constructive approach. I aim to balance ever-churning bureaucratic mechanisms with the deeply-held lived experiences of communities across the world, pairing academia with the sometimes messy formation of equitable policy. After spending a year interviewing correctional chaplains across the country, my current Honors research is an ethnographic analysis of how religion can promote agency, or expedite restriction, in American prisons. At Cambridge, I am pursuing an MPhil in Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion with Dr. Ankur Barua to explore how clergy and religious organizations might ameliorate electoral violence and communal conflict in Northern India. Research aside, I'm usually found singing with my A capella group or mentoring ESOL high schoolers. I am excited to learn among the broad, forward-looking community of Gates Cambridge scholars.

Previous Education

Bowdoin College Religion, Government 2023
CIEE Study Abroad Spanish, Religion 2022
Harvard University Political Communications 2017