Jovonne Bickerstaff

Jovonne Bickerstaff

  • Alumni
  • United States
  • 2004 MPhil Social and Development Psychology
  • St John's College

As an interdisciplinary scholar of race, gender and family in African Diaspora experience, I am interested in ecosystems of well-being and the interpersonal impacts of trauma and chronic insecurity. My current book project takes couple relationships as a site for revealing how adversity impacts emotional attachment and the vital role of interpersonal connections in building resilience.
I am a native of Akron, Ohio and an alumna of MIT (BS - Urban Studies & Planning, BS - Writing & Humanistic Studies, 2002). At Cambridge I continued research I began in Paris, France as a US Fulbright Grantee examining the influence of increasing racialization of national identity/Frenchness from the perspective of first generation French blacks. I completed a PhD in sociology at Harvard examining attachment and emotion work among Black couples. I am also co-authoring a book with my AADHum colleagues on how a Black feminist ethic of care and intentionality was essential to developing a leading Black Digital Humanities Initiative.

Previous Education

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
cole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales