Noa Epstein

Noa Epstein

  • Alumni
  • Israel
  • 2010 MBA Management
  • Darwin College

I am passionate about doing business for beyond profit and enhancing social good. Born and raised in Jerusalem, I've developed a long time interest in building a constituency for peace between Israel and its Arab neighbours and contributing towards equality and better relations between Jews and Arabs within Israel. I became active in "Seeds of Peace", a conflict resolution and leadership programme, and was awarded a full scholarship to study at the United World College international school in Norway (UWC). After graduating from the Hebrew University with a BA in International Relations Summa Cum Laude, I worked as a Parliamentary Assistant to one of Israel's leading Arab MPs, Dr. Ahmad Tibi, and later held leading positions at Peace Now and the Peres Center for Peace. After receiving my MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School I became CEO of MEET - Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, an organization that empowers the next generation of Israeli and Palestinian change-makers through technology and entrepreneurship education. In 2016 I founded Application Shine, a global consultancy that helps people find and apply for amazing scholarship and other opportunities worldwide, such as academic programs, leadership fellowships, internships and more. I believe in making such opportunities more accessible to a wider pool of applicants as a way of increasing the impact of change-making programs:

Previous Education

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem