Julia Bolotina

Julia Bolotina

  • Alumni
  • Canada
  • 2011 MPhil Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
    2012 PhD Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
  • St John's College

I completed my MPhil in 2012 and my PhD in 2016, as a two-time Gates recipient. My thesis, entitled "Medicine and Society in Anglo-Saxon England: The Social and Practical Context of Bald’s Leechbook and the Lacnunga," focused on socio-economic factors affecting access to medical knowledge and treatment in early medieval England. A secondary focus of my research was Old English terminology for precious stones, particularly garnet.

Since receiving my PhD, I have been working professionally as an editor of an architecture magazine. I am also the founding editor of For All the Fish, a new online magazine on sustainable food.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge MPhil, Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic 2011
University of Toronto BA (Hons) Medieval Studies, English 2007