Daniel Jimenez

Daniel Jimenez

  • Alumni
  • United States
  • 2013 MPhil Engineering for Sustainable Development
  • St John's College

My passion for building bridges combines my academic interests in structural engineering with my love of water and the hope I find in our human ability to overcome physical barriers to build integrated communities. After my bachelors in Civil Engineering, I started a social enterprise producing ISSB bricks in Zambia following my work in MIT’s International Development Lab. After returning for a Master in Structural Engineering, I worked with NGOs in Bolivia and the Philippines where engineering solutions targeting neglected poor communities could alleviate poverty and reduce casualties from natural disasters. After working for an engineering firm in Washington DC, I returned to the Philippines on a Fulbright scholarship to improve indigenous housing to withstand typhoons. My course at Cambridge University will build on my international engineering experiences to support my mission of bridging the gap between engineering solutions and the people who need them most around the world.

Previous Education

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Masters Structural Engineering 2010
Massachusetts Institute of Technology BSc Civil Engineering 2006