Aditi Vedi

Aditi Vedi

  • Scholar
  • Australia
  • 2015 PhD Haematology
  • Trinity College

Children have an innate ability to bring joy to and captivate those around them with their vitality and innocence. My passion for paediatric health and welfare stems from their resilience and eternal optimism - improving the lives of children is my core belief and central motivation for paediatric oncology. I derive my childhood and education from Australia, cultural heritage from India and passion for children’s healthcare and equity of access from both. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Medicine and Surgery from the University of New South Wales, and Masters in Medicine from the University of Sydney. Currently I am a clinical fellow with the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, developing new treatments for refractory cancers, having previously trained in paediatrics and haematology/oncology with Sydney Children’s Hospital. My research in Cambridge will focus on childhood leukaemia, and explore the role quiescent cancer stem cells play in refractory and relapsed disease. My greater goal is to continue paediatric stem cell research in Australia as a clinician scientist.

Previous Education

University of Sydney
University of New South Wales