George Saba

George Saba

  • Alumni
  • United States
  • 2015 MPhil International Relations & Pols
  • Corpus Christi College

My interest in public service and improving the lives of others comes from the humble recognition that had I been born a few generations earlier, I would have been preparing for a hard day’s labor instead of a day of classes and baseball practice at Stanford University. My great-grandfather, an immigrant from the Azores Islands, was a gardener at Stanford; he barely spoke English and worked endless hours to support a family living in poverty. I achieved my goals at Stanford because of their sacrifices. To learn how I can help ensure such opportunities exist for others, I have taught hardworking, underprivileged students about their role in a democracy. As a research assistant for Dr. Condoleezza Rice and a White House Intern for the Obama Administration, I have realized that strengthening and investing in our democracy’s future is important, takes time, depends on collaboration and requires patience. At Stanford, my research focuses on the US national security advisor and foreign policy decisions. At Cambridge, I hope to broaden this research to compare how presidents and prime ministers utilize their advisors to improve the policy making process and uncover avoidable errors that profoundly affect us all.Interests: Reading non-fiction, meditating daily, practicing the “slow-carb” and “paleo” diets, playing baseball, singing in the church choir, playing chess, Olympic powerlifting

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