Jacqueline Siu

Jacqueline Siu

  • Alumni
  • Canada
  • 2016 PhD Surgery
  • Churchill College

I grew up in North Vancouver, Canada and completed a BSc in Honours Microbiology & Immunology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Having worked in a variety of immunology-related fields throughout my undergraduate degree, my fascination of our immune system and the potential of immunotherapeutics grew thanks to the mentorship of my supervisors. I am interested in understanding the complex interactions between our immune system and foreign agents like donor organs in order to design therapies that utilize our incredible defence system. For my PhD in Surgery, I will be investigating how mixed chimerism, or the coexistence of donor and recipient blood cells, can induce transplant tolerance between the host and recipient. This ability to induce tolerance could counteract the risk of organ rejection while eliminating the need for lifelong immunosuppression drugs. I hope my research contributes to future improvements in bone-marrow and solid-organ transplantations, and I look forward to joining the Cambridge and Gates community.

Previous Education

University of British Columbia