2024 Gates Cambridge Welcome Parties

Welcome Party Locations

To express an interest in attending a Welcome Party, please click on the location and complete the associated Form. Some locations have a maximum capacity; in these instances, priority will be given to scholars-elect. As details are finalised, the information below (TBC) will be updated.

To allow for amendments to bookings, please complete the location Form as soon as possible.

Boston, MA (US) | Date: TBC (late June/early July) | Venue: TBC

Brisbane (Australia) | Date: Saturday 29th June, 12pm (noon) | Venue: Regatta Hotel

Hong Kong (China) | Date: Friday 5th July, 6:45pm | Venue: Ask for Alonzo (SoHo)

Lima (Peru) | Date: TBC (late June/July) | Venue: TBC

Delhi (India) | Date: TBC (July) | Venue: TBC

New York City, NY (US) | Date: Saturday 20th July | Venue: TBC

Philadelphia, PA (US) | Date: Friday 5th July, 6pm | Venue: La Chinesca

San Francisco, CA (US) | Date: Saturday 3rd August, 12pm (noon) | Venue: Tartine Manufactory

Vienna (Austria) | Date: TBC (Friday 26th July) | Venue: TBC

Warsaw (Poland) | Date: Sunday 23rd June, 1pm | Venue: Cafe Mozaika

Washington D.C. (US) | Date: Saturday 27th July, 6pm | Venue: Linnean Ave NW