2024 Welcome Parties

Organising a Welcome Party

If you would like to express an interest in organising a Welcome Party, then please check the list of potential locations listed below, and complete this MS Forms.

As an organiser, you will be responsible for finding a suitable venue, and where necessary, making the reservation. You would be expected to be the point of contact for all attendees, however, the Trust can support you in this. It is important to remember that as an organiser of a Welcome Party, you are acting as an ambassador for Gates Cambridge, and we would expect you to ensure that Scholars-elect are welcomed into this community in a warm and appropriate manner. The Welcome Party is not intended to be a formal event, and as the organiser, you are very much in control of proceedings. If you would like some guidance on organising the Welcome Party, we would be more than happy to support you.

The Trust will reimburse costs on a per-person (p/p) basis, up to £20 p/p; to this end, please ensure that receipts are kept and at an appropriate time after the Welcome Party, sent to the Trust (alumni@gatescambridge.org).

Our current aim is for Welcome Parties to take place between June 1st and July 31st 2024 as we recognise that August is often a time when members of our community are on vacation.

If you have any questions regarding organising a Welcome Party, please contact alumni@gatescambridge.org, and I will be happy to answer them.

Potential Welcome Party Locations

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Barcelona (Spain)

Berkeley, CA (US)

Berlin (Germany)

Boston, MA (US)

Brisbane (Australia)

Calgary (Canada)

Cali (Colombia)

Cambridge (UK)

Cappadocia (Turkey)

Delhi (India)

Edinburgh (UK)

Enugo (Nigeria)

Essen (Germany)

Florianopolis (Brazil)

Genova (Italy)

Hamburg (Germany)

Hong Kong (China)

Islamabad (Pakistan)

Istanbul (Turkey)

Jacksonville, FL (US)

Johannesburg (South Africa)

Kansas City, MO (US)

Kolkata (India)

Kyoto (Japan)

Lagos (Nigeria)

Lima (Peru)

London (UK)

Los Angeles, CA (US)

Memphis, TN (US)

Mexico City (Mexico)

Monterey (Canada)

Mumbai (India)

Nashville, TN (US)

New Delhi (India)

Harrison, NJ (US)

New Orleans, LA (US)

Norwich (UK)

New York City, NY (US)

Oxford (UK)

Philadelphia, PA (US)

Providence, RI (US)

Riverside, CA (US)

San Francisco, CA (US)

Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Seattle, WA (US)

Seville (Spain)

Srinagar (Kashmir)

Tainan (Taiwan)

Tartu (Estonia)

Tbilisi (Georgia)

Tokyo (Japan)

Toronto (Canada)

Tripoli (Libya)

Twin Cities, MN (US)

Venice (Italy)

Vienna (Austria)

Warsaw (Poland)

Washington D.C. (US)

Yerevan (Armenia)